FREE Local Pick Up

Save on shipping costs and opt for FREE Local Pick Up!

2 Ways you can do this:

1) Visit us at our HQ in Stoney Creek, Ontario (see "Contact Us" for location)
Not only do you skip on shipping costs, you'll have a first hand opportunity to check out some of our products before we've even released them online / at events. Some legging patterns are very limited and do sell-out quicker than we are able to get them out the door! This is perfect for people who live, work, or have family close by.

2) Visit us at a Festival/Pop Up near you (see "Events & Pop Ups) main menu)
If you plan on visiting us at an event near you, feel free to place your order online and choose FREE LOCAL PICK UP. In your notes section on check out, please specify which one of our events you plan on attending to pick your order up. Specify the name of the event, location, and day you plan on picking up. We will send you an e-mail confirmation and reminder. Upon confirmation, we will have your order handy for you for a quick grab and go. See something else you want? You can either make a quick swap or add to your already existing order to take advantage of our tier pricing.
PLEASE NOTE: we are not responsible for orders who have chosen free local pick up without noting pick up at a specific event. If you cannot pick your order up at our HQ or give us ample notice before the event, we are not responsible for paying shipping fee's. Customers are responsible for their own shipping fee's unless otherwise specified.