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    Customer Service

    I heard you have a physical location where I can shop - where is your store located?

    Yes we absolutely do!  Our Purple Puddle Headquarters/Store is open during select business hours and is located at 392 Celtic Drive, Stoney Creek, ON.  PLEASE NOTE: we have been closed for drop in shopping due to COVID 19. We will open up in-person shopping as per the public health regulation updates. :)

    What are your hours of operation?

    Our hours of operation do vary - please click the link here: The Purple Puddle Google Page to visit our Google page for the most accurate hours of operation, closures, summer hours etc.

    PLEASE NOTE: we have been closed for drop in shopping due to COVID 19. We will open up in-person shopping as per the public health regulation updates. :)

    Why are your store/contact hours limited in the summer?

    We run a tight festival circuit in between June 1st and September 30th, so our hours are limited at our Purple Puddle Headquarters in Stoney Creek, ON.

    I've emailed you/left a voicemail/texted but I haven't heard back yet?

    As we are a small, family run business, sometimes statutory holidays or during our peak summer festival months, it may take us a little bit longer to respond.  We do value your business and appreciate you contacting us! 

    What are your peak festival months?

    Our peak festival months run from approximately June to the end of September, each year.


    How much is shipping within Canada?
    Canada, eh?! We offer a $5 shipping fee for packages sent as regular mail for orders $50 CAD and under and $10 CAD flat rate for shipping for packages over $50 CAD and under $150 CAD.

    If you would like an expedited parcel, that option starts at $10 CAD and typically takes 2-4 business days depending on your location.  This option does come with a tracking number via Canada Post. Please keep in mind that these are estimated wait times outside of holiday seasons.

    Do you ship to the U.S.?
    Yes we do! We offer $20 CAD flat rate shipping for residents in the continental USA.

    Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes we do! We offer $30 CAD flat rate shipping for orders traveling outside of Canada and the USA.

    What are my options?
    Flat rate standard shipping will be sent via regular mail up to 2 pairs. For expedited parcels, next day shipping, etc - arrival time and cost will vary according to location and shipping method.

    For local customers, free pickup at our Stoney Creek location is also available! 

    Please Note: We will not honour free shipping for packages below the minimum order requirement. If shipping is required and FREE local pick up option is selected, there will be a $2.00 service fee in addition to the appropriate shipping fees detailed above.

    Please refer to our Shipping page for additional details.


    When will my order be shipped out?
    Once orders are received and processed, they will be shipped out within 1-2 business days. Please see our shipping information by clicking the link here.

    PLEASE NOTE: weekends and statutory holidays are NOT considered business days.

    How long will it take for my order to arrive?
    Arrival time varies based on location and shipping method chosen. If you want your order to arrive before a specific date, we recommend express shipping where you will be provided with a tracking number. 

    Click the link below for the Canada Post tracking number page:
    Canada Post Tracking

    Am I able to cancel my order?
    Only if it hasn’t been sent out yet! If it’s been mailed - there is absolutely no way we can reverse it. Accepted, mailed returns will be granted a credit for the online store - minus any administrative and restocking fees.

    Please refer to our Returns and Exchanges page for more information

    Returns and Exchanges

    Please refer to our Returns and Exchanges page for more information


    Take a look at our Size Chart.

    We have provided customer case studies to guide you further if you're still unsure about sizing.


    I heard The Purple Puddle provides the perfect tunics and tops to compliment the leggings! Is this true?
    ABSOLUTELY YES! We do carry an amazing assortment of different tops, in fabulous colours that are perfect to pair with your leggings! These babies sell out like hotcakes and are currently only available in-store and at pop-ups. HOWEVER - DON’T STRESS, please sign our mailing list to be notified when these magical, flowy, bombastic outfit pieces are available to purchase through the web-store. Until then, catch us at a show or drop in for a quick browse.

    How are the tops and tunics sized?
    Our tops and tunics are sized according to style - Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Plus sizes are also available in 1X, 2X, & 3X. Our tops are true to size but are designed to be roomy, long and flowy.

    Do you sell tops for kids too?
    Not yet! We’re working extremely hard to find the perfect cut to compliment your kiddo’s fantastic style.

    I’m really tall, over 6 feet - will the leggings fit me?
    Tall peeps, have no fear! These leggings are incredibly stretchy - meaning they stretch both width and length. With our experience, tall folks are better off with our Large (Plus) one size - as there is a little more material in the length and the rise. However, please use your own discretion and experience while selecting the appropriate size to match your needs.

    I’m a little on the shorter side, about 4’11 - will the leggings still fit me?
    Short peeps, we’ve got you covered! Please choose your size accordingly. If you are shorter than average, there may be extra material in the length but that’s nothing a little fold can’t fix. The possibilities are endless and a little extra material should never deter you from experiencing the magic that are these leggings!


    How are the leggings sized?
    Our kids leggings are sized according to averages.
    Our SM/M generally fits a 3 - 6 year old, which can also be considered a 3 - 6.
    Our LG/XL generally fits a 6 - 9 year old, which can also be considered a 6/7 - 10/12.

    Please note, these are based on averages and the fit will vary on height and weight distribution.

    My child is 4 years old but is taller than average, should I purchase the kids S/M or the kids L/XL?
    S/M is approx. 24.5" (unstretched) and stretches to approx. 35", while the inseam is approx. 17" and stretches to approx. 25".

    L/XL is approx. 29" (unstretched) and stretches to approx. 37", while the inseam is approx. 20" and stretches to approx. 30".

    My child is 11 years old but wears a children's 9T, will they still fit?
    They should! However, JUST TO BE SAFE:

    L/XL is approx. 29" (unstretched) and stretches to approx. 37", while the inseam is approx. 20" and stretches to approx. 30".

    We are working on sourcing 'tween' sizes that are in between Child's size and Adult One Size - please stay tuned!

    My child is very tall, but has very skinny legs and a narrow waist, will these still fit?
    This is a common question among worried parents. If your child is super tall but has skinny legs, we’d recommend trying the L/XL out. 

    I have a 2 year old, could they still wear the SM leggings?
    Some 2 year olds are able to wear the S/M leggings since sizing is based on averages and vary with height and weight distribution. The main concern would probably be in the length. However, our mommy pals have put their 2 year olds in our SM leggings and just adjusted the length accordingly - nothing a little fold or roll can’t fix! And besides, they’ll last them a little longer ;)

    I heard The Purple Puddle offers leggings for Dolls too! Is this true?

    YUP. YOU BETCHA! We’ve been sewing and selling these adorable doll leggings since the beginning of October 2016. Our doll leggings are unique to OUR product line, and have been carefully fabricated by our team to fit any 18 inch doll.

    What kind of dolls will these leggings fit?
    Our exclusive doll leggings will fit any 18 inch doll including but not limited to the following, for example”

    • - "American Girl" Doll
    • - "Maple Lea” Doll
    • - "My Life As" Doll
    • - "Journey" Doll


    Print selection varies. Custom orders welcome - however, not all prints are compatible with the doll dimensions.

    ALL DOLL LEGGINGS are 100% The Purple Puddle.

    ALL DOLL LEGGINGS are sewn and assembled in Canada by a local seamstress.

    General Questions
    HOW are these leggings SO SOFT and STRETCHY?!?! What kind of fabric are these leggings made from?
    WELL, we’d like to say they’re made of whimsical unicorn hairs but.. haha! These leggings are seriously the perfect blend of polyester and spandex but it’s the finishing brush technique that gives these fancy tights an irresistible, ultra soft, peach fuzzy kinda-feel.

    Are your leggings high-waisted?
    This varies! Since they’re so stretchy with an impressive size range, they can be worn high or low, depending on personal preference, height, and weight distribution. Generally speaking, these leggings are meant to be COMFORTABLE - so wear them as you please, and adjust the waistband accordingly.

    What kind of waist band do the leggings have?
    Comfortable yet snug elastic waist band, forgiving yet firm enough to stay in place and prevent the leggings from sliding down. The waist band itself is ~2.5 cm in thickness (~1 inch wide). We are experimenting with other alternatives but so far, with our personal experience and customer feedback, this seems to be the best at the moment! UPDATE: we have slowly started added a wide yoga waist band style to our collection - this is essentially an extension of fabric as opposed to the elastic waist band.

    Can I wear these for yoga or working out? Are they breathable?
    We pride the fact that our leggings are extremely versatile and can be worn for virtually any occasion! With that being said, you may wear them as you wish BUT please keep in mind that the fabric is not as durable as your conventional work out gear. You may wear them to yoga, and you can also wear them to the gym - but use your discretion.

    In terms of breathability and wicking away moisture, please review some of our customer’s feedback on our Facebook page - some of whom have used them for hot yoga. Please keep in mind that this topic may be subjective and based on personal experience and preference. Everyone’s experience is different and unique.

    How should I wash and dry your products?
    The best way to treat any prized article of clothing is to be as delicate as possible. With that being said, hand-washing would be the best option and hang to dry. However, we understand that not everyone has the time or patience to do so. The next best alternative would be to wash them inside out, on GENTLE cycle, in cold water, and HANG to dry.

    We can’t stress how important it is to HANG your leggings to dry - the heat from the dryer will not only fade the brilliant patterns, but may potentially weaken the fibres and ruin the elasticity. No one wants a saggy bum or loose knees! Treat them kindly, and they’ll return the favour. :)

    PLEASE NOTE: Products that have been mistreated will not be considered for exchange.

    I’m a male but I’d love to try your leggings out! Are they unisex? Can men wear them?
    GREAT QUESTION! As per our genuine belief in how everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the magical things in life (AKA these ultra-soft leggings), the answer is YES - men DO wear them. We believe that style is unique and integral to each and every single individual and clothing should provide a means of self-expression, regardless of gender.

    Some men do wear them under their shorts while working out(side), or under a long tunic top as a tight, form fitting alternative to jeans or sweatpants. Some even wear them as funky long johns, pajamas pants, or just plain old leggings to bum around the house in. Whatever floats your boat. 

    Please keep in mind that these leggings do not have a gusset for added stress or structural support. They are very form fitting, much like second skin - so keep that in mind. ;)

    Do you take pattern recommendations?
    YES!!! Send us your pattern requests and any cool ideas you have kickin’ around that marvellous mind of yours. Ultimately, we want The Purple Puddle to be your one stop shop for all things funky and fun - not just leggings. We also want you to feel involved and inspired to share your visions with US. Let’s have some fun!!!!!

    I bought something just before a sale or holiday promotion! Can I get a price adjustment?
    Sorry! There are no price adjustments made for previous purchases. :)