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    What is The Purple Puddle?
    A family owned & operated business, from Stoney Creek, Ontario - established 2014.

    Our physical store is located at 392 Celtic Drive in Stoney Creek, however we have pop-ups at various festivals and events throughout the year and of course, our newest way to shop for the softest leggings and sweetest deals - our online store!

    What’s our goal?
    To provide products from around the world, to anyone and everyone - from near & far!

    We understand that not everyone has the time, opportunity or interest to travel long hours into the unfamiliar - and that’s where we step in!

    Our goal is to source unique items - from clothing to accessories - from ALL OVER! We want to expose the extraordinary wonders of the world to you, all in one place. Imagine being able to wander the back-end alleys of foreign cities with one, safe, quick click of your mouse!

    How did we get started?
    It all started at a VERY young age. Coming from an Armenian family of 5 children, Ani & Lucie Dermanoulian were always exposed to and taught to appreciate the beauty of all cultures & countries. Traveling with the entire family was a norm, and “life experience” was prioritized over toys and other tangible objects.
    With their father being a hardworking self-employed provider with support of their mother, they had been taught the importance and value of strong work ethic, creativity, innovation, & most importantly; perseverance. This was the foundation that would later lead to the birth of The Purple Puddle.

    Life before The Purple Puddle
    Ani and Lucie are the youngest two of all five children with an age difference of 6 years.

    Ani, having worked a variety of different jobs in the past, had accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience that would provide the stepping stones to one of her greatest discoveries; the ability to foresee and catch on to trends years in advance.

    At age 20 (2003), after working and saving all of her earnings from her part time job, she set off to visit family friends in Brazil. There, she first discovered her love for the “Brazilian bikini” - a two piece, sunbathing ensemble with minimal material - far different than what was available in Canada at that time. In just 3 months, she returned home having mastered the Portuguese language (with zero prior knowledge), and a suitcase full of Brazilian Bikini gifts for all of her sisters.

    Heads would turn as the sisters wore bathing suits that were quite different from the usual Canadian standard at that time. Those who wanted them couldn’t have them - simply because they were inaccessible and unavailable in Canada. Ani was already onto something...and this would happen over, and over, and over again - with other products, from other places.

    Lucie, having been interested in art, design, and fashion from an early age, had always been encouraged to express herself through her artwork. By the age of 5, she was already enrolled in extracurricular art programs, and had been developing her taste in colours and textures ever since. Her love for Disney movies fueled her passion, and inspired her to continue creating.

    With the approval and encouragement from her parents & siblings, Lucie had slowly converted the family home basement walls into hand drawn murals. That was where she could express herself freely, showcasing the evolution of her creations.

    At the age of 14, she entered high school with the intention of becoming an animator. However, her interest and understanding in Science would soon influence her post-secondary education, guiding her into Health & Nutrition.

    Her love for fashion & design had never tarnished, but instead, was overshadowed by societal norms and self-expectations. She attended McMaster University in Hamilton & Ryerson University in Toronto. While living in Toronto Lucie worked part-time at a fancy restaurant in the financial district. Soon, things would change and the path that she had originally chosen would take a turn - for the better!

    So why leggings?
    In 2010, Ani met with one of her friends who was teaching English abroad to start a 2 month backpacking trip across Europe. She first spotted fun, patterned leggings in London, England and couldn’t get them off her mind.

    After a number of years, Ani found herself at a career crossroad. After working as a server at Tuckers Marketplace in Burlington for 8 years and dabbling with photography, she had applied as a flight attendant for United Emirates Airlines. Out of over 400 applicants, she had managed to make it down to the final 40. If she was to make the final cut, she would have to uproot her life in Stoney Creek and move to Dubai, with no friends or family nearby.

    The idea of leaving her family and friends behind, only to visit them once a year, weighed heavily on her mind. This prompted her to take some time to think about the potential decision she’d have to make, and what she truly wanted to do.

    She then took the opportunity to visit her sister and possibly source out material for those funky leggings she couldn’t get her mind off of back in 2010. It was during this trip that she actually found a product that would suit her needs and spark a huge amount of interest from friends, family, and even complete strangers. Within days of being back in Canada, the interest had snowballed to a point where Ani decided that it was time to begin taking potential requests. Within 3 days, 30 pairs were ordered.

    She had no idea how popular it would soon become.

    Filling orders were manageable for Ani, at first - but after a few months, she could no longer meet the demand that had exploded exponentially.

    Who to call for help and what better of a dynamic to have?

    It was August 2014 that Ani had made the phone call to Lucie, who was living in Toronto at the time. She proposed that once Lucie was done her semester, she could help Ani operate things back home in Stoney Creek for a short period of time.

    It was far sooner than planned that Lucie had to move back home - and from that point forward, the two had managed to nurture and grow the business at a steady pace. Their pattern selection grew from 17, to now over 350+ prints with close to 20 solid colours alone. Lucie now has an even greater incentive to regain her focus and passion on what she was always interested in since day 1; design & fashion. This is all thanks to her big sister, Ani! Now THAT’S love!!!!

    The story continues on as the two sisters travel the world, experimenting with products found on their travels, while keeping the base foundation focused on their love for colour, comfort, and versatility - all of which are core elements of their main product line; the super soft, funky leggings that everyone LOVES!